An exoskeleton that (literally) has your back while lifting


An exoskeleton is a wearable, mechanical skeleton that offers physical support. We are working with the exoskeleton from Laevo, which is specifically designed to support the lower back. Amfors is working with four exoskeletons and is testing them in a package sorting facility and at our metalwork company, Metafors. We use the skeletons during activities that involve repetitive lifting and working in a bent over position.


This lifting aid reduces lower back strain with up to 40%, thus serving as an important tool in preventing back pain and other related injuries as alleviating the discomfort for those who are suffering from a prior back injury. This significantly increases the employability of employees.


The exoskeleton works with an ingenious spring system, transferring pressure on the lower back to the upper legs and sternum.

Next step

Since the start of this project in September 2019 we have been testing the exoskeleton in different settings within our organization. The next step is improving the implementation and acceptation process in collaboration with our employees. We do this by conducting action research.

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